NCD Support & Prevention Programme

Non communicable diseases are on the rise not just in Uganda but Africa and the continent is starting to fill the pinch of the pandemic, two main significant areas need to urgently be addressed: increase research so as to find a cure for cancer and most important increase awareness creation campaigns at community level, and also the beauty is that Uganda made news globally when it made tremendous strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS, so there’s urgent need to borrow a leaf for the new pandemic especially cancer.

Hence it’s on this background that TAHI-AFRICA offers community support and preventive measures, the organizations main area of emphasis currently is on cancer which of recent is taking lives much faster than any other NCD, so for those already diagnosed with cancer, the Organisation will offer support throughout their patient experience combining a range of innovative programs and services. Our hope is to increase knowledge of the problem at hand, decrease recurrence, improve the health of all, facilitate recovery and nurture well-being.
For any cancer patient, there’s a need for a good support programme, our team of professionals, social workers and counselors are here to provide that community support.

Our support programs include:
• Individual and group counseling with trained personnel that have vast experience in social workers and counseling.
• Disease-specific support groups for patients and caregivers led by experienced facilitators.
• Use of ICT platforms to strengthen support through information access
• Pastoral care

Specialized Nutritional Support
Your Eating lifestyles highly determine your fate in terms of catching cancer, it’s hence important that we watch what we eat and drink as these could highly increase or decrease the chances of catching. TAHI-AFRICA offers specialized nutritional support, our professional dietitians help develop a plan to nourish victims throughout their cancer treatment including the times when it’s difficult to find foods you can consume as well as during recovery.
Our Nutritional support includes Cancer preventive cooking where we show communities cooking styles that can help them avert cancer and other preventing other health concerns, eating well after cancer treatment, and Eating well during cancer treatment.

With this, Uganda will achieve SDG 3 faster than anyone else could ever achieve Building sustainable health systems in emerging economies is one of the biggest challenges of our time. However, following the path of established health systems in developed economies is not the answer. With so many types of innovation available today, emerging economies have an opportunity to bypass development stages that were previously unavoidable and sidestep the pitfalls of entrenched systems.

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