ICT4D Interventions in Health

ICT infrastructure in Africa has dramatically improved in the last decade and this has thus given room for many innovations in healthcare. ICT and technology can be a big enablers to healthcare delivery when used innovatively.

The mobile phone is rapidly transforming Africa’s economic and social fabric. Mobile phones can revolutionize the delivery of healthcare in Africa,

By receiving such benefits directly on a mobile phone, people are empowered to take care of their own health. They can use these entitlements to access quality healthcare, while at the same time clinics are paid without delay and transaction costs are radically reduced.

With the main health concerns of limited health workers, poor supply chain management limited access to healthcare information, ICT can play an integral role in addressing such healthcare challenges, and our ICT interventions are poised to solve such milestones in the healthcare domain.

• Specialized WhatsApp platform—

There’s a growing use of the WhatsApp platform in Uganda, and this can be a powerful tool for information dissemination, although the platform is currently used largely in urban centers, rural communities are slowly coming on board at a faster rate. The organisation is hence using the platform in a very innovative way by sending healthcare-related information to masses,

The organisation boasts of a database of over 15,000 persons and still counting, all these contacts are constantly receiving health-related messages in form of videos, audios, and other publications on the most critical areas of health: on the non-communicable disease, malaria, HIV/AIDS. Aids, health, the main purpose is to increase disease awareness for prevention and behavioral change

• Electronic health Materials

In an era of ICT and technology with its super advantage of instant communication, it’s important to leverage such developments so as to increase community open learning initiatives more especially for the underprivileged classes of people in rural areas. The main purpose is to strengthen community capacity to understand and fight disease at family and community level,

The Organisation hence produces high-quality electronic health materials in varying areas of community interest, maternal, child and reproductive health, HIV/Aids, non-communicable diseases care and prevention, the main emphasis here is prevention, these are distributed to target communities, and other interest persons in form of DVDs, as well as feeding our social media platforms.

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