Cancer Community short Course

Cancer Community short Course

January 6, 2020 @ 8:00 am
+256 701 218380

This is a 2-week intensive cancer foundational course for community health leaders, health workers, government officials among others, the course mainly aims to transform knowledge into action at a community level by providing foundational knowledge on cancer through training key stakeholders in the healthcare domain with the ultimate aim to increase community cancer awareness.

Main topics to be covered in the 2 weeks:

  1. what is cancer
  2. history of cancer
  3. types of cancer
  4. what causes cancer
  5. how to prevent cancer
  6. how to break the bad news to cancer diagnosed patient
  7. the art of sensitization at the community level,
  8. types of conventional cancer treatments available
  9. counseling cancer patients,
  10. how to approach communities,
  11. palliative care explained,
  12. etc

The course is aimed at empowering community leaders with the main purpose of creating mass awareness right from village level about cancer after the course so that communities can take individual action to prevent cancer.

We, however, are in the process of building the necessary documentation and another necessary requirement for this course to commence in January 2019, and more important we need partners that are willing to work with us to enrich this course by providing us with vital information about cancer as well other professional medical guidance as may deem important to the course or general community consumption. We will be glad of getting such enthusiastic partners.

To partner with us on this cause, please contact us on or by phone on:

 +256 701 218380


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