The African Healthcare Initiative is a young, vibrant and transformative Non-government Organisation whose main objective and commitment is to strengthen healthcare systems in Uganda and beyond by promoting healthy lives and well-being for all through innovation, research, advocacy, and outreach with the ultimate aim of achieving universal health coverage by 2030.

The organisation appreciates the fact that Uganda and the rest of Africa faces a broad range of health-related challenges that include few health workers, malaria, lack of access to basic healthcare, malnutrition, HIV and AIDS, High maternal and child mortality rates, high costs of private medical care, and of recent the explosion of non-communicable diseases and that all effective approaches must fundamentally be employed so as to rescue the ailing healthcare system.

We are hence championing a number of sustainable interventions in the healthcare domain, that include the innovative use of ICT4D to increase access to information and other sensitization strategies, promotion of the use of traditional medicine as a source of healthcare, carrying out outreach initiatives so as to extend our warm support to communities in need as well as conducting local based research with intent to nourish healthcare,


A world in which all communities achieve their full potential for health and well-being across their lifespan hence becoming actives contributing members of society.


To promote healthy lives and well-being for all through innovation research outreach, and advocacy with the ultimate aim of achieving universal health coverage by 2030


… until all are healthy


ICT infrastructure in Africa has dramatically improved in the last decade and this has thus given room for many innovations in healthcare. ICT and technology can be big enablers to healthcare delivery when used innovately.


Church in African gathers more centrally focused people than any other gathering and congregation, and that’s why the organizations seeks to take advantage of such huge masses to further its agenda of promoting healthy lives and well-being.


The use of plants as medicine is an edge old practice and humans have used medicinal plants as treatment for centuries, but with the introduction of conventional medicine has seen this edge old practice phase into thin air to the advantage of modern


 Non communicable diseases are on the rise not just in Uganda but Africa and the continent is starting to fill the pinch of the pandemic, two main significant areas need to urgently be : increase research so as to find  a cure for cancer

Our Organisational Promise

We promise to do anything possible to ensure that all communities in our areas of operation are holistically healthy as well as being knowledgeable about disease causes and preventive measures and consequently fully contributing to the economic development of Uganda.

3000 Medicinal Gardens in Africa

The use of plants as medicine is an edge old practice not just in Africa but the world over and humans have used plants as medicine for centuries, but with the introduction of modern medicine saw this edge old practice phase into thin air to the advantage of the latter. Our ancestors were proud of the healing abilities of plants at their disposal and also had a lot on knowledge about plant healing capabilities although this was in many instances not well documented but simply passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth and with modernity and migrations, even that traditional pattern of knowledge transfer has since died out and a lot of such valuable information lost. And with such kind of a big knowledge gap, as an Organisation it’s going to present us an uphill task gathering, documenting, translating, transferring from one country to another, localizing, and disseminating the knowledge all over again. But we are however up to the task at hand for ultimate community health and wellness on the continent.

There are a number of natural medicinal plants that are effective to healing and are readily available in Uganda and on the continent. The use of such natural medicine will allow for promotion of self-reliance as well as ensuring long and qualitative life and usually when it comes to prevention of diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, and blood pressure, natural medicine is in many ways unrivaled.

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What a joy, honor, and privilege it is to give a speech at your 90th birthday appearing so healthy and unsupported just because during your lifetime, you led a responsible healthy lifestyle; that is our sincere wish for you all and that is what  fundamentally keeps us awake.

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